Building trusted partnerships
Delivering quality services
Collaborating as a team

Linbeck is a privately owned company providing repairs & maintenance, civil construction and licensed plumbing services, to asset owners in the gas and water industry.

Established in 1981 Linbeck prides itself on its track record for providing quality work and value to our clients during all projects we undertake. Our proven service delivery is backed by years of experience; our management and key personnel bring a high level of expertise working within the gas and water industry.

Our Values





Linbeck core values are Honesty, Integrity, Quality and Collaboration. As a business we all work together as one team to ensure we deliver quality outcomes. We’re committed to developing and maintaining strong partnerships with people impacted both directly and indirectly by our operations.

Our transparency and stakeholder engagement is crucial to ensuring successful service delivery and sustaining positive relationships based on trust and mutual benefit. At Linbeck we do what we say we will do.