Pipebursting / Sliplining


Pipe bursting is a trenchless technology method used to replace established pipelines in the same alignment without physically removing the existing pipeline. Bursting by using the exiting established alignment to replace a pipe avoids the need to secure additional right-of-way to install the replacement pipe. Bursting can be used to upsize the pipeline increasing its flow capacity.

Benefits of Pipe Bursting:

Provides a safe trenchless method for replacing defective water pipes

Sustainable solution for the environment

Offers a cost effective method for pipe renewal

Gives clients the ability to upsize existing pipe to increase water capacity


Sliplining is used as another trenchless method for the renewal of existing water and gas infrastructure, where no pipe displacement occurs. Sliplining reduces the risk of damaging existing services in the vicinity of the renewed pipe selection.

Benefits of Sliplining:

Minimal disruption to public surrounds

Cost effective rehabilitation method

Sustainable solution for the environment